Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I hate them with good reason. They talk shit all the time. Mainly about me, but sometimes about their son. They have 4 kids. They paid for the older two to go to a university and paid for portions of their weddings. The youngest they pay for her to change her major and university more times then should be allowed in 3 years. They will be paying for her wedding also. When it comes to my DH (their 3rd child) no college was payed for. He asked. Nope. They said no. So he joined the national guard to go to college. Our wedding? Nope. The church paid for our marriage certificate and married us one random day. We didn't ask. We went to see them and show off our then 1 month old daughter. They handed us the $ and told us to go get the certificate and they would marry us that day. We are grateful for the church.  When it comes to OUR kids birthdays? Presents? Nope. Not once have they sent birthday or Christmas presents. They do send cards regularly but these people are loaded and spend their time and money on the older kids' kids and their youngest daughter. I have bit my tongue and been nice to these people who obviously hate me. I am so proud of my husband for finally telling them that he is done with them. He called to ask to borrow $100 to fix our car. He was riding a bike 16 miles to and from work. We had hit hard times and my family for the most part has bailed us out. His mom told him they didn't have it. But if his little sister had called she would be handed that and then some. These people take vacations all the time. Just sold their 2nd house in Minnesota, and live in an expensive gated-community in Florida. We simply asked to borrow $100 and pay them back the NEXT week. His mom made a huge deal about it and started talking shit about us needing money. About how come I hadn't applied for food stamps yet or got a job. Well one, I did apply for food stamps and we got denied and were going through the appeal process. Two, we had moved to an area with no family so I had no one to watch my kids. Daycare is expensive in Kansas and there were few jobs. Plus I have no car. Three, We have been selling everything we own to make ends meet and that still wasn't helping. I am so sick of them nay-saying. I am so happy that DH finally told them to fuck off. If he was any of the other kids they would help but because he is himself nothing. They treat him like shit, talk down to him, and if they were anyone else he would of told them to fuck off years ago, but because they are his parents he has dealt with it. Not anymore. He stood up for himself and told them he was tired of being treated like shit and to not call or come see us anymore. I am proud of him. He was upset of course and was crying because he is upset with the whole situation and now this but damn, it will get better now that he stood up for himself.

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