Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am so sick of my family. They all talk shit about me behind my back. Every single fucking one. I really wish I could have a normal family. Instead I got a piece of shit for a mom, and a grandma who tells people I always make her take my kids when that is not even halfway true. I signed into my mom's Facebook today and saw that her and my grandma's sister where talking about sending my grandparents to the Grand Canyon for their anniversary. My aunt said "yeah they would like that but Kirstee would probably try and get them to take Brookelynn. Sharron really needs to learn how to tell her no." My whore egg donor said "yeah, my daughter hates my guts because I finally told her no." One, I would never let my grandparents take my daughter out of state. Two, I only let them have her when they call and ask for her, minus the other day when they took them for a couple hours while I moved into our new house. Three, my mom hasn't told me no to make me hate her. I hate her because I helped her out and she screwed me over, fucked up my credit, then wouldn't pay her portion of the damn bill she ran up, and said it wasn't her responsibility. I hate her because she talks shit about my husband and my family. I hate her because she freaking threatened to harm me while I was pregnant and I ended up being so stressed out that I miscarried. I am so done. I know this makes me sound childish but I do not care. I am hurting and I need to vent.